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Chuck Clifton grew up in a family where learning was very important. He loved school and completed a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Throughout his schooling, Chuck was an honor student in Mathematics. He has tutored numerous others as he has always loved to help others learn. As a college student, Chuck taught swimming lessons to over 1,000 people during three summers. On numerous occasions, he has taught adults and youth in such skills as scouting, camping, budgeting, digital photography, stock market investing, Dutch oven cooking, gardening, emergency preparedness, hiking and wilderness survival. Throughout his over four decades as a Software Engineer, he has mentored scores of other engineers in principles of software engineering.

Joyce Clifton is from a family where she and all nine of her siblings have graduated from college. She also taught school. She has spent a lifetime learning and teaching others in many subjects including parenting, cooking and baking, gardening, sewing and genealogy.

Chuck and Joyce have been married for more than 41 years and have raised 10 children. Nine of them have graduated from college and one is currently enrolled.

As a family, they have travelled all over the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, and have found ways to teach their children as they have done so.

For example, they used the “100 Question Quiz” as a medium for teaching. As they drew near to the time to visit an area, they would create a Quiz that contained 100 questions about the geography, history, nature, people and other facts about that area. Each child would take the open book 100 Question Quiz and each would get 90 minutes minus their age to complete it. They received rewards based on their scores. The parents would get what they wanted: the kids would obtain knowledge. The kids would get what they wanted: rewards.

Once, as a family, they were traveling to many historical sites in the eastern United States. Chuck challenged them to memorize the Gettysburg Address before they arrived there. He said he would pay $1/ paragraph or $5 for all three paragraphs. At the time, they had 7 children plus three nieces on the trip. All ten kids and the parents memorized the entire address. “Fifty dollars was a small amount to pay for the privilege of the 12 of us standing on the same spot President Lincoln did as we recited the Gettysburg Address verbatim,” Chuck says. The next school year, one of the kids’ third grade teacher announced the class was going to learn about the Gettysburg Address and a Clifton child raised her hand and said, “I can recite that verbatim”. And she did so flawlessly.

Chuck and Joyce also created the website prepareforlater.com to educate people on preparing for emergencies. This website can be a valuable resource for individuals and families to learn how to prepare for and cope with most major kinds of emergencies.

Together, or separately, Chuck and Joyce have authored the following educational books:

• Digital Photography: Click, Then What? – A beginner’s guide to what to do AFTER you obtain your digital photos

• Fundamentals of Freedom Crossword Puzzles – Volume 1

• A Crossword Walk With Lewis & Clark

• A Daily Walk With Lewis & Clark – 1804, 1805 & 1806

• Family Travel Resource Book

• Raising the Next Generation – Stories from the Past, Applied to the Present, Shape the Future

• PIES: You Can Do It Too!

• Ongoing - The Life Story of Chuck Clifton (Not published; Currently over 6600 pages long)

Making learning fun has been a major part of the Clifton family. So, it makes sense that as the mobile app market has exploded, they developed the CleverWitz educational app. With Chuck’s background in computer science and both of their backgrounds in parenting and teaching others, CleverWitz has a great foundation. The app has simplified the learning process into a set of puzzles represented by squares on the screen that contain certain information. The goal is to organize the squares into an order that demonstrates knowledge of the subject. Along the way, correct and incorrect placement of squares enables players to acquire knowledge.

The Puzzles that support CleverWitz come in all flavors for all ages and all backgrounds. More Puzzles are being added all of the time and are only limited by the knowledge of the world.

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