The Perfect Gift Under $7

The Perfect Gift Under $7

Holiday 2016

The Perfect Gift Under $7 - CleverWitz Mobile App
Entertains, Educates, Challenges the Mind for all ages.
No shipping/handling. No waiting. Instantly available.

Received Great Reviews
For under $7 you can give a gift of 50 CleverWitz Puzzles.
435 CleverWitz Puzzles to choose from.

Who is on your Gift Giving List this year?
Grandparents to Kids & Kids to Grandparents
Parents to Kids & Kids to Parents
Sibling to Sibling
Spouse to Spouse
Friend to Friend

The process is simple:

  1. Download the FREE CleverWitz Mobile App onto your device.
  2. Start the CleverWitz app.
  3. Create an account for your gift recipient.
  4. Log in to that account.
  5. Go to the Wallet screen and purchase 50 CleverWitz credits for only $6.99.
  6. Even though you are logged into their account, the recipient will own the CleverWitz credits that you purchase for them.
  7. To present the gift, let them know there is a CleverWitz account with 50 CleverWitz credits that they can use after they download the free CleverWitz Mobile App onto any of their favorite Android or iOS tablets and phones. You will need to tell them the User-id and password that you created for them.
  8. Once they log in, they can use their 50 credits to download 50 CleverWitz Puzzles from the 435 Puzzles currently available.

Repeat the above steps for each person on your list.

There are Puzzles designed for everyone, so they should find many of interest that can provide countless hours of entertainment and learning.

CleverWitz has just received 2 great reviews on Homeschool websites. Check them out!



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